I love poetry with brilliant rhyme, songs that draw me in with clever opening lines, being kissed by the sun, dreaming under the moon, the way the ocean feels at high tide, the gentle stillness of midnight, oh and you! I select what seems desirable to me at any given moment of various styles, methods or ideas. One day it maybe rain the next sunny or partly cloudy with a chance of rain. I'm both dark and light, comedy and tragedy. I like so many ideas and projections from Steampunk to Rockabilly and Goth. You will also find Corsets & Lingerie which I find very feminine, Unusual hairstyles and beauty and just about anything else fashion wise that strikes my fancy. I have been known to post some adult content, it's not my norm but if you're not 18 perhaps you should re-adjust adding me. I make no claim to any of the pictures I post, some are mine others I find from sources all over the internet. They are not used for commercial purposes but only to be viewed & appreciated by others here on Tumblr.

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